Rental Guide

Projectors/ Monitors

2500 Lumen LCD Projector $125.00
4000 Lumen LCD Projector $200.00
5200 Lumen LCD projector $350.00
7,000 Lumen LCD Projector $500.00
26" LCD Computer/video monitor $50.00
42" LCD Computer/video monitor $75.00
60" LCD Computer/video monitor On Dual Pole Stand $200.00

Ask us about Ceiling mounting the projectors for your next event. This gives the room a neater appearance and gets the projectors out of the way.

Projection Screens

Tripod screens

5' or 6' tripod Screen $25.00
8' tripod Screen $35.00

Roller Screen

6' Floor screen
7' Floor screen
10' Floor screen
9'x12' floor screen

Theater Screens

6'x8' theater style screen
7.5'x10' theater style screen
9'x12' theater style screen

Prices Does Include Dress Kit

Outdoor Inflatable Screen Package
(Screen, sound system, 4,000 Lumen Projector)

Surface Size 9' x 16'
(overall size- 15' 21' x 10')

Sound Systems Small and Large

Our Sound System pricing begins at $50 for a 100 watt, one speaker system. This system is good for a small group of about 30 to 40 people and may be used for music, with a laptop or for spoken word.

The rest of our speaker systems are high quality, active (or powered) systems of between 250- 500 watts each. Each sound system includes two speakers with tripod stands, and a microphone.

Keep in mind the number of people the sound system will cover is an estimate and depends on the way it will be used and whether the system is indoors or outdoors. If you will be using it outdoors for large groups, we recommend additional speakers.

(All Systems include one wired, professional microphone. (Additional mics are available)

Portable 100 watt, one speaker sound system (25-50 people) $50.00
Small Two speaker 200 watt system (75 to 100 people) $100.00
Single 12", 250 watt speaker with stand and Microphone (50-75 people) $75.00
Two 12" 250 watt speakers with stands and Microphone (100- 200 people) $200.00
Two 15" 400 watt speakers with stands and Microphone (250-450 people) $250.00
Four 15" 400 watt speaker system (450- 600 people) $350.00
Six speaker system $450.00
Eight speaker system $600.00

Larger systems available, please call for a quote.

We can help you put together any size system you need for the type of function you're planning. Whether indoors or out, for a hundred or for thousands, for music, spoken word or a combination of the two. Give us a call and we'll be delighted to give you a price.

DVD/CD/Digital Video

DVD Player
DVD Recorder
Dual DJ CD Player
Digital Audio Recorder

Computer Equipment

Laptop with Office 07, 2 Gig of ram, wireless presentation remote
VGA Seamless presentation Switcher
Component to VGA Scaler
VGA Distribution Amp (1x4)
Elmo Visual Presenter

Yes, we still have. .

Follow Spotlight
Overhead projector
Slide projector
Flipcharts w/pad
Card Holder Easel